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Ways To Handle Storm Damage Like A Pro

Ways To Handle Storm Damage Like A Pro

Natural disasters like tornados, hurricanes, thunderstorms, or heavy downpours can seriously threaten your property. While restoring these damages can put a massive dent in your pocket, dealing with insurance claims can be tedious and protracted. The aftermath of a storm can be a frustrating ordeal; hence it is better to devise effective preventive measures.

So here are six ways to handle storm damage like a pro;

  1. Secure the Outdoor Items:

It is prudent to pack away all the outdoor furniture and decorations whenever a storm is predicted. This is because strong blows of powerful wind can cause such objects to fly around, ultimately hitting windows, doors, roofs, and even cars. Moreover, it may result in severe proprietary loss; hence, securing all the outdoor belongings during such situations is always better. 

  • Install Window Coverings:

Window coverings, commonly known as window shutters, have proved beneficial in handling storm damage. However, strong-blowing winds, heavy rainfall, and the rest can break the window panes and may destroy the interior. In addition, once the wind invades inside, it may build pressure upwards towards the roof, causing the roof to detach. Therefore, most people have installed window shutters that protect the windows from collapsing during unfavorable climatic conditions. 

  • Keep A Standby Generator:

Power outages are quite common during storms. It is because fallen branches can easily snap the power lines from their source as they are already vulnerable during such conditions. Therefore, to avoid a complete blackout, keeping a standby generator or any other source of electricity at your property seems like a rational idea. 

  • Check Roof Regularly:

While a newly installed roof can withstand tough environmental constraints, a fairly older one will not. Therefore, older roofs must be checked for repairs, for instance, loose nails, shingles, etc. In addition, a loose screw can dislodge chunks of a roof during thunderstorms, allowing the water to enter, deteriorating every piece of furniture. Therefore one should inspect the roof from time to time. It is also important to check the chimney flashing apart from the roof.  

  • Keep All The Spillways Clean:

Conduits or drains are likely to get clogged by leaves or debris. This makes it very difficult for the accumulated water or ice to drain, eventually flooding the entire place. So, when a storm is expected, you should always keep the conduits and spillways clean and free from waste.   

  • Prepare an Execution Plan:

Natural disasters can take a toll on one’s life, property, and well-being. Every individual must have an execution plan when indulged in situations as grave as thunderstorms or hurricanes. It will help them secure themselves and their most prized possessions, such as documents, jewelry, etc. Most people prefer locking themselves in their house basements with items that would be essential for their survival. Maintaining a disaster kit is also one of the prudent ways to handle storm damage.  

Cat6 storm is a restoration service provider that helps people recover from emergencies by revamping their wrecked properties. They are also operating in the New Orleans area. 

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