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Storm Damage: Best Ways To Protect Your Possessions And Make It Through A Storm

Storm Damage: Best Ways To Protect Your Possessions And Make It Through A Storm

Louisiana is quite frequently affected by tropical cyclones, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. Such inevitable climatic events can become catastrophic for an individual and put them in a tight corner. Therefore the residents of the state have to take preemptive measures to protect their properties from serious damage. For example, a blow of harsh, strong winds and a heavy cloud burst might ramshackle your entire house into debris. Moreover, restoring damages caused by a storm can be very protracted and expensive. As a result, many homeowners put extra effort into protecting their possessions from natural calamities. 

So here are some best ways to protect your assets and make it through a storm;

  1. Keeping the Drainage System Clean:

In case of heavy storms, water is likely to flood inside the house and may weaken the property’s structural integrity. So, house owners must keep all the conduits and spillways free from debris and other matter that may clog them. In addition, it will help in draining the water rapidly. Most people also prefer installing gutter guards to make maintenance less challenging. 

  • Prune The Trees:

Harsh storms may cause trees to fall, leading to sabotaging outcomes. A sudden falling of a tree is as dangerous as being electrocuted in torrential rainfall. As storms can snap the trees off, causing them to land on your car or house and crashing them from all corners. So property owners must regularly trim their trees to avoid life-threatening circumstances.

  • Check Your Chimney:

Homes with chimneys require more maintenance than the ones without them. Therefore, one should inspect their chimney frequently to ensure that the chimney flashing is in good condition and it can be tightly closed when needed. You can protect your possessions from water damage during a thunderstorm. 

  • Replace Damaged or Missing Window and Door Seals:

Turbulent winds may enlarge these openings and enter inside, creating havoc if the seals are not proper. So to avoid outside air entering through small openings, one should install seals that are durable enough to withstand the intense pressure of tornadic winds. 

  • Set up Storm Shutters:

Strong winds and heavy rain can easily break the windows allowing the wind to blow inside and jeopardize the interior. In addition, the winds may even apply the pressure upwards towards the roof, causing it to detach, thus wrecking your entire property. Installing storm shutters is one of the best ways to protect your property from storm damage. They help guard the window panes against getting crashed by any object flying by the force of the wind. 

It is impossible to control the weather conditions to your liking, but one can always think of creative ways to prevent possible damage. Therefore every individual must carefully inspect every aspect of their property and take necessary preemptive measures. Cat6 storm is an agency that provides restoration services to property owners and helps them recover from storm damage. They are even operational in the New Orleans area.  

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