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How Can You Make Your House Storm Proof?

How Can You Make Your House Storm Proof?

Strom is something that is going to wreak havoc. Damage may be inevitable sometimes, and all you can do is watch. However, there are many tips that you do to avoid damage.

On the other hand, there are some steps that you can follow to stormproof your house. These measures will help minimize the losses and ensure a safe, sound place to take shelter in. Therefore, it is important to ensure everyone sleeps peacefully while the storm is here.

Ways To Storm Proof Your House

Here are the top things you need to do to successfully stormproof your house.

1. Fill in All The Cracks

Sometimes your house may need structural maintenance or repair that you have been delaying for any reason. Well, it is time to repair everything and ensure no work is required.

Any further structural damage can risk the foundation of your house and make it unsafe to live in.

2. Secure Your Roof

Sometimes the shingles on the roof may be weak or loose. Therefore, it is best to ensure no shingle is broken or loose. If the shingle is loose, the wind can take it away, and that can cause damage to someone else. Or the water will seep in through the loose shingle and spread on the entire roof.

3. Prevent Any Outdoor Damage

Preventing any outdoor damage will ensure that there is no external risk that can damage your house. The majority of the time, in storms, the external risk is associated with overgrown trees. Therefore, if an overgrown tree has barks all over your place, it would be best to trim that tree.

Never cut the tree completely; only trim the barks extended towards your house.

4. Clear the Drains

Clogged drains can be the worse situation you can find yourself in. That can lead the wastewater to enter the base of your house and cause flooding. Therefore, it is best to ensure that the drains are completely clear.

The storm drains require being clean the entire time, and if they are clogged, then there is no way your house can be stormproof.

5. Secure All Your Possession Outside

There may be many things in your backyards, such as trampolines, swings, and other things. It is best to secure these objects to avoid any damage.

High winds can take the swings and possession with them, damaging your property. So before the storm is here, make sure to secure these things.

You can wrap them in a tarp and tie ropes around them to ensure they stay in place. In addition, make sure to move them under a shed if available.

Final Words

Make sure to follow every step to stormproof your house. This was a complete guide to help you minimize the damage that can be done. A storm is the last thing we want to happen as it damages multiple properties around the city every time.  

Storm-proofing your house is the best you can do from your side.

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